New Skills for the Next Generation of Journalists


01 September 2017 – The NEWSREEL project has been officially started!

The NEWSREEL project focuses on current issues regarding journalism, the education of journalists and the European public sphere. The challenges and possibilities covered in the project activities are mostly common in all European countries, and they exert influence not only on the future of journalism but on the European public sphere in general. The project outcomes can strengthen the European capacities to have public debates on the basis of accurate, impartial and credible information that is inevitable for a strong democracy both at national and at European level.

The project provides a comprehensive approach towards the challenges and possibilities of journalism. It deals with new ways of telling stories by processing and visualising data, with improving the effectiveness and the scope of journalistic work by collaboration, with the necessity of making strategies and finance plans for journalism projects, as well as with the ethical challenges in the digital environment. All of these issues influence the quality of journalism in the digital age. The project partners have all competencies, both professional and technical, available, and their experiences complement each other. Besides, with the support of the associated partners we will be able to involve the experiences of journalists.

The main output of the project will be a collection of e-learning materials with multimedia and interactivity elements. We will develop high-quality e-learning materials in terms of professional content and technical implementation. These materials will be available for free for everyone, and they will be established so that the users of the materials can also use them for improving their skills on their own.