New Skills for the Next Generation of Journalists


Research report of phase 1

The aim of phase 1 of NEWSREEL was to ground the development of syllabuses and teaching materials that can be incorporated in journalism education at universities and that are able to reflect on the needs of the stakeholders in the participating countries. The initial conditions – e.g. the state of journalism education regarding new skills and tools of journalism, the spread of journalistic performances based on new skills and tools – are different in the participating countries, and these are not necessarily mapped in published analyses. Therefore in the previous months we have done interviews with representatives of the selected universities' journalism departments, as well as with practising journalists in each country. Besides the interviews, we have also analysed the curricula of the selected departments, especially that how our four specific fields - data journalism, collaborative journalism, new business models and ethical challenges - are integrated into the education. If you are interested in our results, you can reach the full research report here:   

Title photo: Judith Wiesrecker