New Skills for the Next Generation of Journalists


Collaborative journalism

We use this term in different but connecting meanings. It covers teamwork, cross-border and multi-sectoral collaboration. Transnational team-working is a key element. European cross-border investigations can improve the transparency of the European social political and economic decision making and the expenses of the European public money, but also transnational private business conduct and even transnational criminal activities. Transnational journalism is in the position to highlight best practices in handling the free circulation of goods and services, capital and people (be workers, students or tourists). The increasing complexity of journalism projects makes necessary the cooperation between experts of several fields, such as journalists, data journalists, IT experts and designers.

The course:

01. Introduction - What is collaborative journalism?

02. Identification of different forms of collaborative journalism

03. Teamwork in collaborative journalism

04. Planning a collaborative project

05. Implementing a collaborative project - communication tools

06. Implementing a collaborative project - intercultural communication

07. Financing CJ

08. Involvement of the audience