New Skills for the Next Generation of Journalists


The first multiplier event of NEWSREEL

The research report with the title of "New Skills for the Next Generation of Journalists" was presented by the team of the Department of Communication and Media Studies from the University of Pécs (Hungary), the Erich Brost Institute (EBI) (Germany) and representatives of the ISCTE University Institute of Lisbon (Portugal) and the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies from the University of Bucharest (Romania).

The first dissemination event was held at the "Bundespressekonferenz" in Berlin on 14 June where the representatives of the research group presented the results of their comparative study for an international audience. Faced with new framework conditions in journalism in times of digitization, the researchers have dealt with the need for a new generation of journalists. The aim of the study is to strengthen the European democratic public toward to the new conditions.

The presented report concentrates on the teaching of journalism and the different prerequisites in the education of the participating countries. It specifically focuses on the four aspects of data journalism, collaborative journalism, new business models and media ethics. The results of the research are based on an analysis of the university programmes' curricula in the four countries as well as on interviews with journalists and journalism educators in Hungary, Germany, Portugal and Romania.

Photos: Johanna Mack (EBI)