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Átlátszó is a watchdog NGO and the first non-profit centre for Investigative journalism in Hungary. Its aim is to promote transparency, accountability, and freedom of information. Established in 2011, – “átlátszó” means transparent in Hungarian – produces investigative reports, accepts information from whistleblowers, files freedom of information requests, and commences freedom of information lawsuits in cases where its requests are refused. operates a Tor-based anonymous whistleblowing platform (Magyarleaks), a freedom of information request generator for the general public (Kimittud), a crowdsourced platform to report everyday corruption anonymously (Fizettem), an e-democracy site to discuss and vote on topics of public interest (Evoks), and an independent blogging platform for other NGOs and independent media. Átlátszó’s staff are mostly journalists, supported by subcontracted video journalists, legal and IT experts. is evolving into a popular online news outlet with growing readership and a significant impact on the Hungarian public sphere. The site covers corruption cases, political party financing, financial abuses in public procurement, infrastructure projects and EU funding, environmental abuse, human rights violations etc. It profiles individuals in public life, politicians and businessmen.


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