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Editor-in-Chief’s Forum Hungary

The Editor-in-Chief’s Forum Hungary (Főszerkesztők Fóruma) is a Hungarian non-governmental organization and was established in 2012. The Forum gathers 44 editors of all major electronic, print and online media in Hungary who laid down the ethical standards and values of journalism such as impartiality, thoroughness, rules for obtaining and handling information.

The Forum’s main targets also include strengthening ethics in journalism education, preparing case studies, guidelines by analyzing Hungarian and international cases, fostering best practices in ethical journalism and increasing trust in media, formulating media self-regulation procedures.

A media self-regulatory system was created in December 2015 under the name of Korrektor. The aim of self-regulation is that member media outlets comply with the jointly convened rules of ethical journalism and agree to be held accountable to the public in this respect.

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