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University of Pécs

The University of Pécs (UP) is a 22,000 student university in Hungary with 10 faculties. UP is a public higher education institution that was established first in Hungary. Today, the University of Pécs is one of the largest institutions of higher education in Hungary with the widest spectrum of teaching and research activities that is known and recognized even beyond our borders. With our more than 300 different study programs our primary goal is to ensure high-level teaching and research in every possible area of study, assist students studying here as much as possible during their student life, organize study abroad scholarships and maintain and improve the quality of university services, libraries and clubs. One of our main tasks is to transfer knowledge and positive view of life to the young generation. During their several years of study at the University our students are introduced to the secrets and depths of the branch of science they have chosen to study, while they also have the chance to meet other international and Hungarian students majoring in other areas, participate in a number of different programs organized for them by the faculties or the University, and hopefully they also manage to find some time to experience the very active cultural life of the city of Pécs.

The Department of Communication and Media Studies was founded at the University of Pécs in 1992. We are proud of being one of the first departments in Hungary providing a full range programme for communication studies. Since its start, the department has studied the sphere of communication from the vantage point of sociological sciences. Both the curriculum and the research include the study of interpersonal human communication, as well as print and electronic media or network communication.

Students fulfilled the basic requirements and passed the first complex exam can choose from the following disciplines:
• Print and electronic media (mass communication - print and electronic media - both theoretical and practical knowledge);
• Media informatics (computer network systems, social and cultural impacts).
Just like any other department in the Faculty of Humanities, the Department of Communication and Media Studies offers a three-year long BA ('bachelor') training and a two-year long MA ('master') training.
Students completed their MA studies acquire the ‘communication expert’ qualification, which – among other things – enables them to take a job in the institutions of mass media, advertising agencies, opinion polls and market research companies, education and administration. Students preparing for academic careers can apply for doctoral studies in Language and Communication PhD programme, which also belongs to the Department of Communication and Media Studies.

The department takes place in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, a space with modern infrastructural facilities in the heart of Pécs. The Media Lab of the university can be found here, which provides the framework for students to learn the basics of electronic (television, radio), printed and online media. Another area of the practical training is available in various institutions like publishing houses or PR agencies, where students can spend a specific period of time taking part in professional practice programmes.

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