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dr. Emilia Șercan

University of Bucharest
Fields of Research: 
Censorship in the communist news media and higher education and plagiarism in Academia

Emilia Șercan is a lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences (University of Bucharest) and investigative journalist with 20 years of experience. She has a PhD degree in Communication Studies, with the thesis “Forms of Control of the Communist Press during the Period 1965 – 1989”. As investigative journalist, she exposed plagiarism cases in doctoral thesis of several politicians or public figures (an interim Prim-Minister, Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Defence, Minister of Health, Deputy General Attorney etc.). Starting from her own journalistic investigations, she is focusing on the scientific analyses of the causes and consequences of plagiarism in Romanian Academia. Șercan published in 2017 the book Doctorates Factory: or How to Destroy a Nation’s Fundamentals. As a professional journalist, Șercan published more than 4.000 journalistic investigations, interviews, analysis, editorials and news published or broadcasted and headed the investigative departments of some of the most important media outlets in Romania. She won several professional prizes as: Journalist/Personality of the Year Award (2016), “Hero on the rising public interest” – Freedom of Expression Award (2016) and “Ion Ratiu” Journalism Award.
She has a BA in Journalism and a MA in Sociology and she is teaching Investigative Journalism and Reporting and Writing at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences.