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dr. Manuela Preoteasa

University of Bucharest
Fields of Research: 
Media policies, with a special focus on media pluralism

Manuela Preoteasa is a lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences of the University of Bucharest.
Her main field of interest consists of media policies, with a special focus on media pluralism; her PhD thesis looked into the developments of the post-communist Romanian media from the media ownership and pluralism perspective. She has authored a series of monitoring studies, among which "Mapping Digital Media: journalism, democracy and values” (2010, Open Society Media Programme, London)”, “Television across Europe: Regulation, Policy and Independence” (2008, 2005, respectively, Open Society Institute, Budapest/London), “Media Ownership and Its Impact on Pluralism and Independence” (2004, Mirovni Institute, SEENPM, Ljubljana) – the chapters covering Romania and edited the comparative study “Business of Ethics, Ethics of Business” (2006, SEENPM- CJI, Bucharest). In 2011, she was an academic visitor of the Department of Politics and International Relations - University of Oxford, which enlarged her view on media research. As a journalist, Manuela Preoteasa has been the publisher of the Romanian branch of the Brussels-based EurActiv. She is also a Marshal Memorial Fellow.