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Tamás Bodoky

Fields of Research: 
Science and technology, environmental and human rights issues, corruption and organized crime

Tamás Bodoky, Hungary, is editor-in-chief of, a Hungarian watchdog organization and investigative news portal founded in 2011.
Before founding Bodoky covered science and technology, environmental and human rights issues, and corruption and organized crime. For almost a decade he reported and edited at the Hungarian news portal Before that he covered science and technology for Magyar Narancs weekly. Bodoky has won the Gőbölyös Soma Prize for investigative journalism for articles on unrest and police brutality in Hungary in 2006. He also won the Iustitia Regnorum Fundamentum Award and the Hungarian Pulitzer Memorial Prize for his work on corruption. has won the Freedom of Expression Award of Index on Censorship in 2015, and the SozialMarie Prize for social innovation in 2016. is member of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and the Global Investigative Journalism Network.